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On a mission to open space to all students.

Why we’re here

Prior to NewSpace@Berkeley’s founding, UC Berkeley had no initiative focused on exposing students to space commercialization or the space-technology entrepreneurship industry. There was no course—or even a club—about space entrepreneurship & commercialization, and no awareness about recruitment opportunities in NewSpace. We’re here to fix that, and raise awareness about the incredible potential of space for everyone, while lowering the barriers to entry for as many people as we can.

Meet the Team

NewSpace@Berkeley was founded by Aneesh Goel & Sam Phillips in Spring 2021. The team now includes 6 core members, with more to be recruited in the coming months.

Aneesh Goel


Economics, Planetary Science minor ‘23

Sam Phillips


Mechanical Engineering ’23

Snehaa Ganesh Kumar


Physics & Computer Science ’24

Maxim Kraft


Economics & Physics ‘23

Ishita Suresh


Nuclear Engineering & EECS ‘25

Arvind Vivekanandan


EECS, Data Science minor ‘25

Get Involved

Whether you’re a company looking to bolster your recruitment or a student looking to break into the space industry, we’re here for you.