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*This page is currently being updated for the Fall 2022 semester.

The NewSpace
Entrepreneurship DeCal

Learn about space from industry professionals and project work for NewSpace companies

What You’ll Learn

If you’re curious about the space and entrepreneurship, you’ve come to right place. Our two-semester decal will cover the basics of the modern space economy, dynamics of the NewSpace industry, and basics of entrepreneurship both in and out of industry. In addition, you’ll be able to further deepen your knowledge through project work with our course partners.

How You’ll Learn

Learn from a dynamic, in-person lecture series featuring Harvard Business School case studies, world-renowned guest speakers, and in-class exercises and workshops led by our course partners.

Outside the classroom, you’ll directly apply what you learned through cross-disciplinary project work with our course partners.

Past Partners

Students have already had the opportunity to work with leading companies in the space industry as part of the decal.


Tanya Harrison

Director of Strategic Science Initiatives, Planet Labs

Working with Berkeley’s NewSpace students was a fantastic experience for Planet. We were continually impressed by the ability and drive of the students to tackle the investigation at hand throughout the course of the academic year. They came up with novel approaches and were not afraid to dive deep into the assignment, which had a real-world impact of helping to better understand California wildfires.

Felipe Cuellar

Past Student

Through this DeCal I got the chance to take one of the coolest classes I’d ever taken at Berkeley. The classes were insightful and engaging, the speakers diverse and goal-oriented, and the project leaders determined and helpful. If Space is a dream of yours, don’t pass this class up!

Elizabeth Anderson

Government Affairs Associate at Space Foundation

The Space Foundation team worked closely with a group of students in the NewSpace program. They produced a very high-quality paper and that we have proudly shared with incoming interns and internally among our employees. The value brought to our team from their research and the opportunity to work with these passionate students made the program well worth the time investment.

Company Mentors

Ryan Sullivan

CSO at Space Kinetic

Scott Ziegler

CEO at Space Kinetic

Devon Papandrew

VP Business Development at STOKE Space

Nate Mason

Principal at Starburst Aerospace

Tyler Reid

CTO at Xona Space Systems

Daniel Hillsberry

Chief Engineer at Redwire Space

Avery Abraham

Strategy Consultant at Starburst Aerospace

Paul Shestople

Project Manager at Redwire Space

Jake Larkin

Payload Architect at STOKE Space

Brian Manning

Co-Founder & CEO at Xona Space Systems

Course Speakers

Maureen Haverty

VP & Investor at Generation Space

Shelli Brunswick

COO at Space Foundation

Dr. Nirav Patel

Program Manager, Space & AI/ML at DIU

How to Apply

To apply, simply click “Apply now” and fill out the form.

Any undergraduate student can apply for this class, and there is no requirement on certain grade levels or specific majors. Slight preference is given to juniors & seniors, but passion comes first.

The course will earn you 2 units, P/NP only.

All lectures will be in-person, in Social Sciences 185 every Tuesday from 5-6:30 PM.

And, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out by clicking “Contact us.”

Hope to see you in class!